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Mahjulah Singapura

Sometime in my youth it became cool to make fun of the military displays, tacky costumes and cheesy mass dance performances at Singapore’s annual National Day Parade. As a working single National Day became a welcome day of rest, perfect timing for a short getaway.

Then I had kids. Watching the Parade through their eyes as they marvel at the earth-shaking roar of the fighter jets, the spectacular display of fireworks colouring the sky; hearing them sing the songs of my childhood like a broken tape recorder: “We are Singapore / We are Singapore / We will stand together hear the lion roar.” And the most funny one: Stand up for Singapore.

“Mommy you must stand up! Everyone must stand up! Why are you not standing are you Malaysian?”

The genuine emotion and pride in their voices put my adult cynicism to shame. Yes, this is home, truly, with all its warts and imperfections. And we are beyond blessed to call ourselves Singaporean.

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